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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Toptal Freelance Visual Designers

You've probably read my rants over what I believe are negative changes in the design industry that have occurred since the explosion of design crowd-sourcing portals. I have at length bemoaned the lost days of finding a client, establishing a rapport and enjoying a long term relationship that sees both parties grow. Now don't think I am anti-internet or a technophobe, I love the potential the internet offers to designers. Without it, I wouldn't have so many wonderful clients in Texas, New York, Australia and Singapore, yet it has the tendency to turn what could be a collaborative design relationship into a commodity purchase... sterile and forgettable.

Well I'm pleased to say, I think I've finally found the perfect compromise. Toptal Freelance Visual  Designers employs a business model that seems to blend the best of internet crowd sourcing with the much-missed pros of working long term with a client. Toptal has a fairly stringent screening process (how else can they promote offering the top 3% of talent?) which then opens a designer up to a potential plethora of top-notch clients. From that point, well the sky is the limit. So now, it seems, a company in Des Moines can find just the right designer in Bombay (or preferably somewhere near Vancouver) to work with... someone who grows to understand the company culture, their brand, their vision and can pour himself (or herself) into creating just the right design, at just the right time for just the right audience.

Goodbye assembly line design, hello good ol' days!